Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nursery/bedroom gifts

The creative juices have been flowing thick and fast recently and the paintings below were born out of these juices.

 This one is for my beautiful daughter Delilah. I have incorporated the new ' Miss Daisy' design into the painting. It will be framed and hung in her bedroom.

     This 'Rebecca' painting was inspired by a very special little girl. 
                 I have added her personality into the picture and also her gorgeous hair colour.

The 'Christopher' painting is a gift for friend of mine. His first word was 'Moo' and is favourite animal is a cow so it seemed fitting that his name begins a 'C'.

There is a full animal alphabet to choose from with many letter having more than one animal available. I may do a full alphabet picture if there is enough interst.

Simple Art by Ally will soon have a new website, so it will make the ordering process more simple. In the meantime please continue to email

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