Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Light of the World

Happy Easter everyone!

Ok so I'm a few weeks early, but I just love this time of year. Spring is in the air. Daffodil shoots are starting to sprout. The sun is shining a bit brighter. The days are getting longer. I'm thinking about my faith, what it means to me, how it impacts those around me. I spend my bedtime winddown time reading back through the Gospels,learning new things, remembering old.

I have drifted alot from my faith over the last few years and thanks to the fantastic people and community I have found at the Global Generation Church, I am slowly but surely getting back on track. This will be my first Easter period since rejoining the path and this piece reflects how much I'm thinking about it.

I hope you like it and it helps you think about the real reason for Easter.

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