Friday, 12 March 2010

Wow, a very busy night

Having completed my Mums Mother's day gift, I showed it to my Husband and a few friends and they thought it was a lovely idea, so wanted a few for their families. I then had the mad idea of posting it on the Natural Mamas forum, not thinking that anyone would take it up, being so close to mother's day. I kind of assumed everyone was alot more organised than me. It appears I was wrong. I crawled into my bed at 2am, having completed 11 paintings!

The picture above was my hardest to prepare, trying to work out the family tree was fun! I was concerned it would look overcrowded with 23, yes 23 members, but I actually think it looks really good.

Below are just a few others that I have done as gifts for Mother's day. It has been really fun and I feel like each of these families has its own personality, each family member has taken on a life of its own. I wonder how different they are in real life?!

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