Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Treat your Hands

I made one of THE best purchases last week. I treated myself to some handmade soap from BanjoBaySoaps. I bought myself the Sweet Honey Oat Bar and oh my! my hands feel great. They're usualy quite dry from all the washing off of paint, but these sort that out in just one wash. It also smells divine. I used it all over in the shower the other morning and my skin looked great, glowing and my darling husband even commented on how nice I smelt. This one is definately a winner, even for my really sensitive skin.

I've been having some really late nights recently, burning the candle at both ends sorting out setting up my business, opening two shops and being swamped in Mother's Day orders so when I saw this in Emily's shop, I just had to have it. Tjis bar is called 'Synergy' and I'll tel you what, I was sceptical at first that this might help to energise  but this combined with copius amounts of caffeine is definately working. The smell, is indescribable, when you open the packet a fresh, zesty smell jumps out at you and really woke me up. I just can't stop smelling it - what's the protocol on putting these in your drawers to freshen your clothes?!
Are you an Alice in Wonderland Fan? there is a beautiful rangeof soaps here 

These really have been the best purchases I have made in a while and have already directed my husband to the shop to get one of each for my birthday!

If anyone in the UK is interested in buying from BanjoBaySoaps, i'm going to be placing another order soon so I can maybe set-up a little co-op to get cheaper shipping for you.

If you want to follow Emily on her blog, you can find it here

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