Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My First Custom Order and some!

The shop officially opened yesterday and it all went really well. Thank you to those that posted Simple Art by Ally on their facebook and twitter pages.

I signed on to the computer early afternoon and had a new message for a custom canvas, I then proceeded to receive 4more custom orders thorughout the course of the day. I am so happy. I can't believe people acually want to buy my stuff.

This is a draft for a custom canvas for a friend of mine.

It is a really nice feeling knowing that people like my stuff and want to hang it in their homes. One very special request was from my cousin. She's getting married in a few weeks and wanted a canvas for her new house. This is great, but has also put a real spanner in the works as she was getting one anyway as a wedding present, at least I know she'll like it!!

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