Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Blank Canvas

I decided to take a break from doing stuff for the shop last night and thought i'd get a canvas and the acrylics out. This is by no means finished, there's a lot more still to do to it, but this is the basis of one of my favourite canvasses. I have my original of this on the wall in the front room and love looking at it.

The pregnant form, is one of my most loved shapes, it's just so curvy, so beautiful, so well....womanly. My original inspiration for this, came from a photograph that my husband took of me whilst pregnant with my second son. The lighting was compeltely rubbish on the photo and you could only just make out the shape. It was slightly different to this in that my leg raised, but it was inspiration and i'm sure I have the picture on the computer somewhere!!

Like I said this one isn't finished, but I already have the next one planned out. I've done it on watercolour, but am not that happy with it, so i will transferring it onto canvas over the next few days - really hoping the children sleep this afternoon so I can crack on with shop stuff, it's not long till it opens now.......
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