Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Quick Welcome

Hi, and thanks for looking at the Simple Art By Ally blog. I hope to make this a fun space for showcasing by designs, showing how and where I work, the disasters I have created - as everyone makes mistakes and just generally ranting at you!

So, where do I start? Simple Art By Ally was conceived many moons ago as a dream of young girl wanting to have her artwork in other people's homes. I've been a secret artist for the last 8years - noone has ever seen my sketchbooks, my husband and parents never even knew they existed until recently. The subject of my work has changed dramatically over the last few years - like all artists I am influenced by things in my life and the last 5years have seen a huge change in my life, from becoming a teenage mother, adjusting to being a mother of 2, a wife, a mother of three and lastly a puppy owner. All of this has meant that my drawings are based around family, however I still do still life and landscapes if I get the time.

It is really great to be doing something I enjoy so much out in the open now. I am able to dedicate more time and passion to it. I love having something other than T.V. to look forward to in the evenings.

My Etsy shop ( will be officially opening on 1st March 9a.m. and I may even give you some sneaky peeks into what's to come throughout this week!!

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