Tuesday, 23 February 2010

For 2 very special people

I am a member of a very very busy natural parenting forum called Natural Mamas. It has been a fantastic tool for me to explore and develop my parenting skills with other like-minded people. I have made some fabulous friends, some I have met in real life and some I hope to. One of these women has been a great source of advice me in all manner of areas and to say thank you, she'll be getting a little something in the post soon. (she doesn't know it's coming so I can't show the whole thing as it might give it away, hence no pics of this one)


The picture above is another bad crop of a piece very close to my heart. I have been developing this piece for well over a year now and it is so adaptable to many different situations, occasions, families, events that I put all my effort into maing it perfect. This is once again, for a very special mama, who helps me more than she knows.

Trying really hard not to give too much away!

This week is becoming really busy, I have the aforementioned special event to plan for on Thursday and I am busy slaving away at the easel for Monday's grand opening. I'm starting to really doubt myself at the moment. Need to pull myself out of it and crack on.
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