Friday, 26 February 2010

A day to remember.

Being a mum of three small children I usually have lots of days to forget. Not today. I've taken the plunge and actually listed some bits on my etsy store. Granted they're not very big pieces, but it's a huge step for me in realising that I might have a talent worth showcasing however big or small.

This is one of my favourite pieces and has been given to friends over the last few years who have had babies. They seem to be gratefully received so I guess it's not too bad. Sometimes I think that it's just me who thinks they're good, that's the self-conscious part of me I guess

This is one of my most recent loves - I have been working on it on and off for the last few weeks. It is not totally finished yet so don't want to reveal it all just yet. I would like to thank Family Tree Glass for some of the inspiration for it.

Getting back into blogging after a few months off has been really therapeutic and it's been great finding new blogs to read and enjoying the old ones again too.

Here are three of my favourites

and a fab one I found yesterday - Scoutie Girl

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